Welcome to Moving Slower!  This blog is a result of my usual passion for writing about personal observations of the transportation world while traveling.  The title became obvious to me when I really thought about the key components of what it’s going to take to address vehicle travel and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.  Inspired by my 2006 summer blog on European transport, Moving Europe, my 2009 summer blog Moving Slower has a few other semantic connections.  Following the much-referenced book by the Urban Land Institute in 2008, Growing Cooler has since inspired two publications that seek to support the authors’ research further: Growing Wealthier (Center for Clean Air Policy) and Moving Cooler (American Public Transit Association).

Moving Slower is a compilation of resources, links, analyses, and personal opinions that are not to be confused with any of the organizations with which I am affiliated – while I am not representing the views of anyone but myself, I do think it is important to discuss these topics so that we can make research-supported decisions to guide local, regional, state and federal transportation and climate change policy. You can view the latest articles/posts or info on state and federal policy by clicking on the links above!

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Lauren Michele (Hilliard)

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